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curio box

walnut and elm door panels, walnut ply, found objects, thread

H24" x W24" x D16"


amplifiers are a great concept as is. locally and globally we are faced with many things that could be worthy of amplification and focus. on a further memory examination i found myself thinking of a saying i heard in my childhood that struck me then, that the movies and television are a window into the world. that idea gave me inspiration for creating a curio box with the inside space reserved for a mini exhibition made of meaningful objects collected over the course of my life. the doors on one side are built in a similar way my great grandfather made for his own home, common style found in any belarusian village. on the other side i repurposed american style wooden shutters to represent both sides of my life journey. 

inside i wanted to utilize all the available space, 4 sides of the box, so i thought of using string art to place the objects throughout. there’s a flow in each direction relating to different stages of my upbringing. 

Above photos by Mark Serr Photography   

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