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hi, i'm ina

I am a first generation immigrant, born and raised in Minsk, the capital of Belarus, a country of rich nature and people who are known for their non-violent temperament. Belarus has suffered a turmoil of unjust political imprisonment and a huge wave of emigration in the past years. It has become a priority for me to explore my own psyche, ancestry, cultural traditions, and childhood, as the material for distilling my own voice as an artist and craftsperson.


In my art practice, I prefer to stay open to experimenting with materials and processes, and to give myself permission to make mistakes, to learn and to never stop expanding my skill vocabulary.

I despise BOXES - societal or psychological. While emotional and physical boundaries are essential, breaking the boundaries of societal norms and the imposed ‘boxes’ over individuals’ minds is a personal drive. Constant questioning is imperative - of one’s self first of all, as we are reflections of the society we are a part of.

I realistically assess my work, and although I consider myself a perfectionist, I have learnt to create without this becoming a limitation and instead trust the process. With that being said, I value my time, my skills and my materials and I always strive to do my best. My creative practice lies at the intersection of insatiable curiosity, intuitive action and a strong belief that life is a daily ritual. 

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